with wsitgm will there be anything special about it? or just a reissue?

Same album content… everything is the same except the LPs will be translucent amber instead of the generic black.

he was a monster, black dressed in leather

he was a monster, black dressed in leather

omg, i love your blog so much! it's awesome! just read in your faq that you also collect doors stuff. could you post a pic of your collection? i'd love to see it! :)

here’s most of it

Do you listen to any post Jim Morrison Doors albums?

I own Full Circle on vinyl… trying desperately to find Other Voices, they’re both so good

How come on here you seem intellectual, but on your personal blog you reblog things that are "stoner-like" or "trippy"?



What? A stoner or “trippy” person can’t be mature? Is that how you expect it to work?

I find it ironic how the anon sent this to a Jim Morrison fan blog

Cause you know

It’s not like Jim was intelligent or had any drug habits or anything


^^^^^^^^^^^^^ took the words right outa my brain

How do you feel about the way Robbie and John are keeping the doors "alive"

I know John goes around to various schools and book stores and stuff and does book signings/presentations… I’m pretty sure Robby does the same or at least something similar but I don’t hear much about it. There’s not really much they can do… they are the only two left, I don’t know if they would even want to take it further. I’m neutral with it all… they do what they feel is necessary and that’s perfectly cool.